Harvey Inspector

Harvey, 2:35 PM

Hi, harvey where are you now a days?

you, 2:37 PM

I am in USA

Harvey, 2:48 PM

okk, what about admin template?

you, 2:49 PM

i have already purchased the admin template

Harvey, 3:12 PM

ohhk, great, which admin template you have purchased?

you, 3:14 PM

i purchased dashtreme admin template from themeforest. it is very good product for web application

Harvey, 3:16 PM

who is the author of this template?

you, 3:22 PM

codervent is the author of this admin template

Harvey, 3:16 PM

ohh i know about this author. he has good admin products in his portfolio.

you, 3:30 PM

yes, codervent has multiple admin templates. also he is very supportive.

Harvey, 3:33 PM

All the best for your target. thanks for giving your time.

you, 3:35 PM

thanks Harvey

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